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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)
  1. Which brand of bike do you have in Iran?

We have Giant, Specialized, Fuji and Intense bikes.


  1. Do you have all bike sizes?

Yes, we have mountain bikes available for XS, S, M, L and XL sizes.


  1. What types of bikes do you have in your storage?

We have Hardtailand Full suspensionEnduro mountain bike. Also, we have a few Hardtail’s special bike with a rim brake system for desert.


  1. How do we pay?

We accept cash (Euro or USD) for who are in Iran and for who wants to rent in advance before arrival time we will a Bank account in Europe to reserve your rental bike.


  1. Is the rental bike coming with gear?

Yes, when you will rent a bike with us, we provide helmet, spare tube, pump, bottle case and a repair kit.


  1. How old are the bikes?

In general, our bikes are pretty new with medium level of Shimanoparts, some of the bikes are older but well maintained. We have a bike mechanic and we always check the bikes after usage and we have monthly service for all of them. Some of our professional full suspension bikes have high level of Shimano.


  1. Can you deliver the bike to my hotel?

We can deliver your rental bike anywhere in Iran and the price of the delivery is depending on the location from our office in Lavasan. Please get in touch to check the price of delivery.


  1. Can I drop off the bike in another place that I take?

Please inform us the location that you want to drop your bikes offand if we are able to take the bike, we will check the distance and calculate the price and inform you


  1. How much deposit I have to pay for the rental bikes?

The price of the deposit is depending on the bike type. For our Hardtail bike the deposit start from € 200 – € 300 and for our Full suspension bikes the deposit start from € 1000


  1. I don’t have enough cash, Can I put my passport instead of paying cash?

We can take your passport instead of the deposit but you have to show your passport to the hotel or guest house when you aretraveling in Iran.

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